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Top Quotes about love and relationship

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Happy Father's day 2020 quotes or messages- inspirational,motivational and emotional

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Today I will share a list of some Father's day quotes to share with your father, husband and father-in-law.

Get motivated to Quit Gaming, porn or Netflix watching habit

PUBG,Netflix, gaming and porn addicts falling back into old habits, NIMHANS doctors are worried
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Locking down the country may have proved effective in controlling the spread of corona virus, but mental health specialists are saying the lock down has led to more cases of “device or gaming addiction".

How To Do Yoga At Home- International Yoga Day

How To Do Yoga At HomeThis guide can teach you ways to try and do yoga reception.

Losing your motivation to exercise? Here’s how to get it back.

Why you might have lost motivation“One of the best things to keep people motivated is staying in a routine. You take that away, you throw it for a loop, and it’s really hard to establish new routines”

Lovable and Funny Mother’s Day quotes from husband to wife and mother in law

Many husbands are wondering What should they say to their better half on Mother's Day? All mothers merit a sweet smile on their faces, particularly on their massive day, considering motherhood is a powerful, tough and sometimes stressful responsibility.

Best Business Related Quotes

"A great leader shows the ability to make decisions and act boldly in the race of setbacks and adversity." Kautilya The Arthashastra 

8 Motivational poems for kids and students

Hello everyone! Whole world is going through tough time due to COVID 19 attack. Everyone needs some motivation. Kids and students needs motivation most of the time for exams, for their life or to boost themselves and to achieve success.
Here, I am providing some motivational and inspiring poems to motivate everyone.

The BoostWhat is Life?Life is a big examThings are never easyJust imagineGuide of soul and selfA Psalm of LifeAsk a FarmerTHE BOOST
Try again, Try again,

You never know what you can gain, Remember, efforts never go in vain, Rather they bring success in a chain, But you have to try again and again.

Failures do come, but never mind For failures and success occur in quick succession, With failures putting not of interrogative, In front of your dedication. And finally commanding you to make correction.

Let by gone, be by gone, For the Past’s gone beyond repair, Whip up your enthusiasm, boost up your morale, Fix up your target to be dedicated, This is the way you can change the streaks of the-nor…

Inspirational Parenting Quotes For Struggling Would Be Parents In COVID -19 Time

Hello everyone! How are you all? How are you feeling in this long lock down? Be safe and remain inside your home.