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"A great leader shows the ability to make decisions and act boldly in the race of setbacks and adversity."
Kautilya The Arthashastra 

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Many of you are running very good businesses and some of you must be thinking about to start a new business for some extra earning.
Everyone likes extra earning, Right?
Here, I am providing you some best business related quotes for you or some How to start a business quotes?-

Accountants -Old accountants never die-they merely lose their balances.

Achievement -There is no end to what we can achieve-provided we don't mind  gets 

the Credit.

Advertising -When business is sweet it pays to advertise. When business is unhealthy you've got to need advertise.

Ambition- Perpetually aim for the moon and if you miss it, don’t worry you'll definitely fall among the stars.

Appraisal- An appraisal, if carried out objectively, is the key to progress.

Budget- A budget tells your capital wherever to travel rather than you wondering wherever it went. Budgets cause you to worry before you spend rather than after words.

Calendar- A calendar is solely and simply a reminder that our days are always counted by it.

Chairman- As a chairman your job is to guard the weak and control the strong.

Communication- There are two kinds of people: who don't say much i.e.those who are quiet and those who talk too much.

Conscience- There is no pillow as mushy as a transparent or clear conscience.

Courage- Don't be afraid to require huge steps you can't cross a charm in two tiny jumps.

Creativity- The liberty to form mistakes provides the suitable environment for creativity.

Credibility- If we don't stand for something, we may fall for anything.

Crisis- A crisis is a good test for you. The way you react will indicate how good you're.

Customers- What you wish and what your customers want might not be the same or similar, however unless you provide them what they want, you will not get what you want!

Customs- Changing people's customs is an even more delicate operation than surgery.

Debt- It's simple to get into debt but very hard to get out.

Delegation- Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Determination- Always remember "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits."

Development- You can't teach an individual anything; you can only help them find it within themselves.

Directions- It is not where we stand that's important, but in what direction we are moving.

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Discussion- Discussion is an exchange of knowledge. Argument is an exchange of ignorance.

Employer- A wise employer needs concepts and ideas not echoes.

Enthusiasm- Enthusiasm is contagious it's caught not tutored or taught.

Environment- If you want to do something likely to last-plant a tree.

Error- The error of a moment can become the sorrow of a lifetime.

Executive- An executive is judged by the company he or she keeps solvent.

Experience- Education is what you get from reading the tiny print in a very contract and Experience is what you get from not reading it.

Expectation- Always offer more than expected.

Failure- I can't offer you the formula for fulfillment, but I can offer you the formula for failure, attempt to please everybody.

Failure- If your  life is freed from failures you are not taking enough risks

Feedback- Feedback is the key to improvement encourage honest feedback-don,t become diffusive.

Gain- No gain without pain

Goals- Try setting a goal above you'll reach-then reach it!

Growth-The rung or steps of a ladder were never meant to rest upon,however solely to hold our foot long enough to place the opposite foot higher.

Importance- It is nice to be important however it's a lot of necessary to be nice.

Income- The worst place to live is just beyond your means.

Industry- No bees no honey. No work no money.

Inflation- Inflation a fate worse than debt.

Inspection- People do not do what the boss expects, but what the boss inspects.

Interviews- You never get a second chance to form a decent initial impression.

Knowledge- People don't know what they don't know. Knowledge is remembering that fire will burn- wisdom is remembering the blisters it will cause.

Knowledge- Knowledge is sterile unless it leads to action.

Management- Management the method of obtaining things done through people.

Meetings- Minutes of meetings should discreetly clarify trouble spots and formatise conclusioner.

Messages- Bait your messages to book your readers.

Mistakes- One who makes a mistakes and does nothing to correct it is commuting another mistake.

Money- If you have got no cash be polite.

Motivation- Nothing removes a chip on the shoulder as quickly as a pat ob the back.

Order- Put things in their place and they will put you in your place.

People- Young people look forward, old people look back and the middle aged look astonished.

Planning- Doing your homework beats moaning.

Plans- Plans are only good and smart intentions until you carry them out.

Principles- People often reject principles they prefer to keep their prejudices.

Projects- Big projects give people something to spot with and work towards.

Promotion- If you can't be replaced, you can't be irreplaceable.

Qualifications- Qualifications are easy to carry around for the rest of your life.

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"You take a number of small steps with which you believe are right thinking may be tomorrow somebody will treat this as a dangerous provocation, and then you wait. If there is no reaction, you take another step: Courage is only an accumulation of small steps."
George Konrad 

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