8 Motivational poems for kids and students

Hello everyone!
Whole world is going through tough time due to COVID 19 attack. Everyone needs some motivation.
Kids and students needs motivation most of the time for exams, for their life or to boost themselves and to achieve success.
Here, I am providing some motivational and inspiring poems to motivate everyone.

  1. The Boost
  2. What is Life?
  3. Life is a big exam
  4. Things are never easy
  5. Just imagine
  6. Guide of soul and self
  7. A Psalm of Life
  8. Ask a Farmer


Try again, Try again,
Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem of life

You never know what you can gain,
Remember, efforts never go in vain,
Rather they bring success in a chain,
But you have to try again and again.

Failures do come, but never mind
For failures and success occur in quick succession,
With failures putting not of interrogative,
In front of your dedication.
And finally commanding you to make correction.

Let by gone, be by gone,
For the Past’s gone beyond repair,
Whip up your enthusiasm, boost up your morale,
Fix up your target to be dedicated,
This is the way you can change the streaks of the-nor.

Continuous efforts and strong determination
Lead you to the gateway of your destination.
Practice brings laurels for your nation,
And finally compelling the bright future,
To be under your sweet possession.

 You know How an ant try again and again to gather her food. Be an ant and try as many time as you can and then give one more try for your parents who have full faith in you and shine like a star after that.


Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem of life

Full of smiles and tears,
A bag full of secrets,
To me it appears.
On one hand, it celebrates birth,
On the other, it mourns death.
Sometimes there are thorns,
And sometimes roses widespread.
Where have we come from?
Where shall we go?
Why can we live, Why can we die?
None of us know,
I have loved life,
l will love death also!
Smiling and Laughing
I will go!

Life is full of surprises- sometime sweet, sometime sour, sometime salty and can be bitter sometimes. But still we have to enjoy it and gather experiences.


God is a great examiner
Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem of life
We all are students in his class.
Our life is an answer book
To write down our answers.
The world is an examination hall.
We assemble here to sit.
The time allowed is three hours.
The first part of exam is spent in childhood.
The second part of exam is spent in enjoying the youth.
And the final part of exam, my dear is the old age.
The final call given by God, Signifies end of the examination.
Our answer books are snatched away and life involves an end!
So, do something better in the exam.

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Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem of life
When the school begins,
I remember the daily run,
The run to and from School,
lnfact, tough to sit quite in class.
Defaulter’s fear is unabated,

Home work is the taking job to do,
Like winning the battle of waterloo.
Study more, play less, parents stress,
On films and serials always thrashed,
Exam throughout the year.
And position you bear,
Always made me think,
On being young and tension-free,
Time passed, passed the school days.
But still the same sun, same sun rays,
Nothing Easy ! Nothing at ease !
Still forehead bears lots of creases,
And have several careers ahead.


Just Imagine ;
Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem of life

Many a times we don't like the food
And say it’s bad ; there are people
Who don't even get one meal a day,
Their life must be very sad.
Just imagine;
We tear up pages from the book,
Make them unusable for others,
Yet people who want to study, but
Cannot buy even a book,
How sad their faces look.
Just imagine.
We waste and pollute water,
There are people who can't quench their thirst,
And die due to lack of water,
Whose thirst make them die like a dodo,
How difficult is their life.
Just imagine.


Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem of soul and self
Higher up in the sky
When the stars are bright,
I can see the paradise
In the grace of your light,
I was moving in darkness

You gave me awareness
To enlighten my beats of heart
Oh !then I say come and
Better my Heart.

Hey! I am unknown to myself
And you, let me know the Divine Sphere
You cherish and sublime my thoughts
With thou love and with care

For someone Shakespeare is great
Some chase Donne for their date
You churn my evil, celebrate my feasts
You are my teacher
whom I admire the most.


Tell me not, in mournful numbers.
Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem of life
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers.
And things aren't what they appear
Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
Dust thou art, to dust returnees.
Was not spoken of the soul.
Not enjoyment. and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each to-morrow
Find us farther than to -day.
In the world's broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!
Lives of great men all remind us
We will make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of your time.


Image of Motivational poem for kids and students, Image of poem on farmer
Ask a farmer
how he feels
And slowly and sadly
he will reveal.
How his hard work
perished and failed,
And only poverty and hunger now prevail.
He worked hard until his hair turned grey,
But the devastating drought cleared everything away.
Only he knows how he feels,
When he sees, not a single crop left in his fields.
In his small hut and a small room,
Slowly prevails the life of doom.
With his small children, hungry and bare.
Asking for some leftover food.
Slowly and helplessly he denies,
With a gesture of grief he replies.
Not a single grain of food is left,
He is unable to pay his debts.
With shattered hopes he says,
We’ll have to wait long for those happy days.
Where we’ll at least get one time of meal my boys,
The brooding’ eyes glitter with joy.
Understanding their father’s happiness,
Turn down the hunger in their stomachs.
They get up slowly and go to sleep,
A feeling of fear and anger in the farmer creeps
Watching his wards lay hungry,
He curses his own destiny.
For his unlucky stars, he screams at the Almighty
Thinking that he’ll show some pity.
Starting at the stars and,
Helplessly he shuts his eyes.
In the crack of dawn he was shocked to see,
His face lit up with glee.
In the sky there were thousands of rain clouds.
The farmer’s happiness knew no bounds.
Happy as ever he shot in his meadow,
There were tears in his eyes sweat on his brow.
The trickles of rain slowly came down,
At last a ray of hope the farmer had found.
But this won’t be the end of his struggle,
Many more droughts will come & trouble,
Until some action is taken fast,
One day the farmer will be left aghast.

I hope you like these poems, Share them with your friends and be motivated. 
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